Following the most recent developments on Covid-19, please find below our latest employee update. This update is correct as of 17 March 2020. Please continue to view the company website to obtain updates throughout this difficult time.

We would like to make you aware that we as a business continue to plan for any eventualities that may arise.

 Our priority is ensuring that our employees, residents and customers are fully supported at this time and we will be continually updating you with any actions being taken by the business that could affect you.

If you become unwell at work, live with anyone who has a cough or temperature ,  believe you have been exposed to the Covid – 19 and/or have recently come back from an area affected by Covid – 19, you should:

  • report your concerns to your line manager
  • stay at least 2 metres (7 feet) away from other people
  • go to a room or area behind a closed door
  • avoid touching anything
  • cough or sneeze into a tissue and put it in a bin, or if you do not have tissues, cough and sneeze into the crook of your elbow
  • use a separate bathroom from others if possible
  • Contact 111 from your mobile for advice

Employees and Resident Care

Please note that for employees working in the care homes, the advice contained in this note is accurate at time of release for any employee that becomes unwell. However, please ensure that, should any resident become unwell and be advised to self-isolate by their GP/111 employees should continue to be responsible for the care and support of the resident. Employees must strictly follow infection and prevention control measures and follow barrier nursing procedures when instructed to do so in order to protect themselves and the residents in the home. The senior team will keep continually updated and provide advice and guidelines to protect the staff and residents during this difficult time. We appreciate the ongoing support of all the teams in the care homes to manage every difficulty that may arises throughout this challenging time.

Further updates will be communicated to you in due course as the government provides us with additional guidelines. If you have any concerns on the matter, please contact your line manager.

This update is correct as of 17 March 2020. Please keep in touch with your line manager for any changes.