Hello everyone

As many of you will have seen on the news release by the Prime Minister late this afternoon we have been instructed to close all of our bars and restaurants from this evening with no certainty as yet as to when we will be permitted to reopen them. For now our hotels may remain open so we are undertaking our own measures for those we operate.

In Care it remains very much business as usual and the Group Board would like to extend our sincere thanks and appreciation to all of our care managers and staff who are going about their duties in such an admirable way in such difficult circumstances.

The Chancellor has understandably and quite rightly released a number of significant financial measures to help to keep businesses in business, and to keep their staff in pay and in employment. The Group Board are to hold meetings this weekend to discuss and agree upon a plan to consider these measures in order that we remain a robust and viable business Group – not just for the here and now but for many many years to come. In doing so we wish to reach out to all of our staff at these troubling times to let you know that we will do all within our power to ensure we listen to, and support you, at these very troubling times.

We will communicate with you again as soon as we have more to share with you so please continue to check our website for staff updates. Meanwhile please stay safe, follow the cleanliness advice you are all now familiar with, and look out for each other. We are a family business, let’s pull together as a family to help us get through the weeks and months ahead.

With best wishes

Malhotra Group Board & Family