At Prestwick Care we are committed to providing high quality care for all of our residents.

Each member of staff in our homes is highly trained and fully supported to ensure residents and their families benefit from the very best advice and expertise.

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Quality Care Commitment

Our care provision is underpinned by a number of commitments which include:

  • Adherence to national legislation, care standards and health and safety regulations.
  • Regular inspections by regulatory bodies and specialised authorities.
  • Internal care audits, monitoring and review processes by senior management and care staff.
  • Staff training and development and professional development.
  • Comments and feedback facilities, including robust complaints and whistleblowing procedures.
  • Transparency and partnership working with healthcare professionals.

Personal, Practical and Professional Care

Dignity and independence are at the centre of a holistic approach to care, and we work closely with families, carers and professionals to meet the complex and individual needs of our residents, whose age ranges from the young to the elderly.

We are committed to providing care personally, practically and professionally while providing each resident with a warm, welcoming, comfortable and relaxed environment in which to live and rehabilitate.

Our philosophy is based on our belief that every individual has the right to privacy, dignity and freedom of choice and we actively encourage each resident to contribute to their personal care plans while ensuring respect, confidentiality and sensitivity to their individual needs and abilities.

We provide stimulation through activities and where appropriate, encourage independence to help our residents live as fulfilling a life as possible.

We work closely with local authorities and with a wide range of external professionals, our residents and their families to identify the most appropriate care plans. The rights of all our residents are the main priority in our philosophy of care and we encourage all residents to fully exercise their rights.