Prestwick Care Group employs its own physiotherapists who work closely with healthcare professionals to agree a programme of exercise which is individual to each resident.

Our physiotherapists will carry out an assessment and devise a comprehensive therapeutic or rehabilitative exercise plan to maintain mobility, maintain or increase independence and prevent further deterioration in movement or quality of life.

Initial Assessment

The Prestwick Care Group is unique in employing it’s own senior physiotherapist who works in conjunction with nursing and care staff to optimise the level of function or minimise the level of deterioration of residents. Each resident is assessed as part of the care planning process to ensure that exercise routines play an integral part of the care. The physiotherapist carries out an assessment of each resident to maintain mobility, increase independence and ensure the maximum quality of life.

The programme and progress recording will be overseen by the physiotherapist in conjunction with nursing and care staff to ensure a continuation of care and consistency.

The benefits of a one-to-one assessment include:

  • Early detection of problems emerging.
  • Increased confidence and function.
  • Feeling of well-being increases social integration.
  • Health and well-being promotes quality of life.

Our physiotherapist regularly advises carers in moving and handling to develop regular exercise regimes which can be used to encourage and support residents on a regular basis.

Our physiotherapist is in contact with a wide range of healthcare professionals to ensure continuity of care between community and support services, both prior to admission and on discharge to ensure maximum continuity of care.

Exercise and Activity

Each of our homes boasts a programme of leisure activities, and we are committed to involving all of our residents in their preferred selection and choices. We recognise the importance of independence and, where appropriate, encourage residents to maintain their own mobility.

Regular exercise assists in preventing muscle wastage and weakness as well as promoting joint mobility and in addition to physiotherapy programmes, our physiotherapist also organises individual and group activities to suit the abilities of all of our residents.

We run a number of 30-minute gentle exercise and chair exercise classes. Exercise classes are just one of a number of activities and outings organised to increase well-being and encourage social integration. Details of specific activities at our homes are available on noticeboards located in each home.